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Financial Wellbeing for Sandwich Generation Employees

The "sandwich generation" refers to the growing population of employees who are supporting both parents and children. This dual responsibility creates significant financial burdens and can impact employees' overall wellbeing.

LearnLux CFP® Exam Opportunity 2024 Scholarship awarded to aspiring Certified Financial Planner™ professionals Stephanie Higgins and Jasmine Smalls

LearnLux, the leading provider of trusted workplace financial wellbeing, is proud to announce the 2024 CFP® Exam Opportunity Scholarship winners, Stephanie Higgins and Jasmine Smalls. Citing overwhelming demand, the scholarship has doubled its funding for the year and has awarded two exceptional recipients.

The Employee Savings Gap: More Than 44% Lack Funds to Handle an Unexpected Expense

Recent data shows that more than 44% of employees would need to borrow money if faced with an unexpected $1,000 expense. Without emergency savings to fall back on, common solutions include tapping their credit cards, loaning money from friends or family, borrowing from their 401(k), or applying for a personal loan.

The Business Case for Reducing 401(k) Loans

In today's turbulent economy, employers continually seek out strategies to support financial wellness among employees while streamlining administrative processes. One growing source of stress for employers and employees, alike is the prevalence of 401(k) loans.

How 401(k) Loans Negatively Impact Employee Financial Wellbeing

In today's challenging financial landscape, a growing number of employees are resorting to 401(k) loans.

While 401(k) loans can provide temporary relief, they bring long-term consequences that hinder employees' financial stability and retirement readiness.

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What is a Fiduciary Financial Planner?

Who can you trust when it comes to financial guidance? For employers and employees alike, there can be a lot of confusion.

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Wellness Dollars: How to Use These Funds for Your Wellbeing Program

In today’s turbulent economy, every benefits program dollar counts. The positive return on investment (ROI) from investing in employee financial health is well-documented, with studies citing $3 returns for every $1 spent on workplace financial wellbeing. Yet, benefits teams still need to build the strongest business case they can when budgets are tight. 

Global Money Week: Toolkit for Benefits and HR Teams

Global Money Week is observed during the third week of March each year, and is a time when financial wellbeing takes center stage worldwide. For HR and benefits teams, Global Money Week is a powerful opportunity to empower employees with financial guidance and support.

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Survey: Financial Stress Impacts Mental and Physical Health

Employees' worries about money weigh heavily on their minds, bodies, and wallets. New survey findings reveal that financial stress has significant impacts on both mental and physical wellbeing. As a result, workplaces are taking action. 

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