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by LearnLux on 11/29/21 1:43 PM

How financial wellbeing benefits can drive measurable ROI for airline employers

When airline employers roll out new benefits, the question of ROI often comes up. It’s important that new benefits programs truly improve the lives of your employees, but also demonstrate real results on your company’s bottom line.

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by LearnLux on 11/23/21 12:11 PM

Support your hard-working airline employees with financial wellbeing as a benefit

Most employers in the airline industry today offer generous, comprehensive employee benefit programs. However, many are still missing a must-have, most-asked-for benefit; Financial wellbeing.

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by LearnLux on 11/4/21 2:27 PM

How to choose a financial wellbeing program that will make Open Enrollment a breeze

In our world today, it’s essential that employees make the right benefits choices to protect themselves and their families for the coming year (and beyond). Are you leveraging financial wellbeing programs to educate your employees about their benefits?

Open Enrollment

by LearnLux on 10/19/21 12:31 PM

5 unique HR Halloween costume ideas to inspire your team this year

Halloween is coming up quick. As an HR or benefits professional, you may be considering fun costumes to wear to the office or on for your virtual Halloween celebration.

by LearnLux on 10/8/21 1:27 PM

World Mental Health Day: How to address the link between employee mental health and financial wellbeing

World Mental Health Day is observed on October 10th each year to raise global awareness of mental health matters to mobilize efforts in support of mental health.

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by LearnLux on 9/24/21 9:41 AM

Workplace financial wellbeing company launches CFP® Opportunity Scholarship, addressing DEI in financial planning

Today our team at LearnLux the leading provider of trusted financial wellbeing, is proud to announce the launch of our CFP® Opportunity Scholarship.

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by LearnLux on 8/9/21 2:41 PM

Offer these six benefits to support employee's total wellbeing

Want to truly engage and support your team? Focus on their total wellbeing.

National Wellness Month

by LearnLux on 8/2/21 5:29 PM

The link between physical health and financial wellbeing

Last January, Sam* was one of 190 million Americans that made a New Years’ resolution. Her goal? Get in shape and get her finances in order.

National Wellness Month

by LearnLux on 8/2/21 4:33 PM

Three ways to recognize National Wellness Month in the workplace

In the modern workplace, National Wellness Month presents a big opportunity for HR and benefits teams. It’s a chance to highlight the programs and initiatives you offer while renewing your commitment to employee wellbeing.

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by LearnLux on 7/19/21 3:42 PM

Returning to the office? These 6 financial factors will impact employee budgets in a big way.

Across the United States, office doors are swinging back open at companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs. 

Break rooms buzz, water coolers hum, and lifeless office plants are swapped for fresh greenery without skipping a beat. Some workers dread the return; others look forward to it. 

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