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by LearnLux on 3/31/21 1:00 PM

Your Financial Literacy Month 2021 Workplace Resource Guide

National Financial Literacy month is recognized each year in April. It's a great time to share money tips & spotlight programs that improve employee financial wellbeing.

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by Mamie Wheaton, CFP® on 2/24/21 11:21 AM

Money Minute: Making your IRA contributions around tax time

Tax time is here again! We sat down with Mamie Wheaton a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™️ with LearnLux to talk about making contributions to your Traditional or Roth IRA before you do your taxes.

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by Mamie Wheaton, CFP® on 2/17/21 2:37 PM

Money Minute: FAQs about IRS form W-4

We sat down with Mamie Wheaton a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™️ with LearnLux to talk all about W-4s and common questions we get around the form.

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by Sabrina LaFleur on 2/2/21 1:58 PM

Money Minute: Is GameStop Worth More than Apple? Let's Talk Share Price vs Market Cap

We've been getting a lot of questions about GameStop these past few days, and one of our members even asked "Why is GameStop worth more than Apple?

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by LearnLux on 6/24/20 2:22 PM

3 Key Takeaways from LearnLux and Gallagher's Financial Wellbeing Fireside Chat

Financial wellbeing experts and first-time explorers, unite! In partnership with HR.com's INSPIRE conference on June 24th, LearnLux teamed up with Gallagher for a fun fireside chat that left attendees feeling ready to tackle this complex workplace wellness topic with confidence.

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by LearnLux on 2/27/19 9:55 AM

Should I File My Own Taxes? A 2019 Guide

"Should I file my own taxes, or hire a professional?"

It's one of the most common questions during tax season, and the answer's not always easy.

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