Global Money Week: Toolkit for Benefits and HR Teams

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Global Money Week is observed during the third week of March each year, and is a time when financial wellbeing takes center stage worldwide. For HR and benefits teams, Global Money Week is a powerful opportunity to empower employees with financial guidance and support.

Let's dive into five strategies to recognize Global Money Week in your workplace, such as tapping into ERGs, promoting financial wellbeing programs like LearnLux, and highlighting your array of financial benefits.

Engage Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a powerful tool for fostering inclusivity and addressing various employee demographics. During Global Money Week, leverage ERGs to host discussions, workshops, or webinars on financial wellbeing tailored to specific groups. For instance, a Parent's ERG might focus on college savings plans, while a Millennial ERG could discuss budgeting for big life milestones. By aligning financial wellbeing content with the interests and concerns of each ERG, you'll boost engagement and relevance during Global Money Week.

Promote Global Workplace Financial Wellbeing Programs

Harness the theme of Global Money Week to spotlight your global workplace financial wellbeing program, especially if you partner with a holistic platform like LearnLux. Encourage multinational employees to explore the wealth of resources available, from digital tools to interactive education and 1:1 guidance from local financial experts. Host live Q&A sessions or organize challenges and competitions to gamify the learning process. By actively promoting your global workplace financial wellbeing program during Global Money Week, you'll demonstrate your commitment to supporting employees on their financial journey.


Global Financial Wellbeing Program Guide - Global Money Week


Foster Employee Discussion

Encourage employees to share their own financial experiences and insights with their peers during Global Money Week. Host panel discussions or virtual coffee chats where employees can openly discuss topics like managing debt, investing in the stock market, or saving for homeownership. By facilitating peer-to-peer collaboration, you'll create a supportive community where individuals feel comfortable seeking guidance and learning from each other's experiences. Facilitate participation from diverse voices across the organization to enrich the conversation and promote inclusivity.

Highlight Other Financial Benefits

Global Money Week is a key opportunity to showcase the diverse range of financial benefits your organization offers. Whether it's retirement plans, flexible spending accounts, or tuition reimbursement programs, ensure employees know the valuable resources at their disposal. If your workplace financial wellbeing program offers Benefits Decision Assistance, point employees towards this valuable resource to navigate their total rewards. Encourage managers to discuss these benefits during team meetings and one-on-one sessions, emphasizing their role in promoting financial security and wellbeing.


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Measure Impact and Solicit Feedback

As Global Money Week draws to a close, assess the impact of your initiatives and gather feedback from employees. Pay attention to any suggestions or areas for improvement raised by employees, and incorporate this feedback into your future financial wellbeing initiatives. By continuously refining your approach based on employee input, you'll ensure that your efforts resonate and drive meaningful change.


Global Financial Wellness Calendar



Global Money Week presents a unique opportunity for HR and benefits teams to empower employees with essential financial knowledge and support. By leveraging ERGs, promoting financial wellbeing programs like LearnLux, highlighting financial benefits, fostering employee discussion, and soliciting feedback, you can create a culture of financial wellbeing that resonates throughout your organization during Global Money Week and beyond. 

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