LearnLux CFP® Exam Opportunity 2024 Scholarship awarded to aspiring Certified Financial Planner™ professionals Stephanie Higgins and Jasmine Smalls

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LearnLux CFP® Exam Opportunity 2024 Scholarship awarded to aspiring Certified Financial Planner™ professionals Stephanie Higgins and Jasmine Smalls

LearnLux, the leading provider of trusted workplace financial wellbeing, is proud to announce the 2024 CFP® Exam Opportunity Scholarship winners, Stephanie Higgins and Jasmine Smalls. Citing overwhelming demand, the scholarship has doubled its funding for the year and has awarded two exceptional recipients.

This scholarship program aims to empower underrepresented individuals from any socioeconomic background who aspire to earn their Certified Financial Planner™ certification. The program is designed to increase the diversity of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ability within the financial planning profession and the financial wellbeing space as a whole. 


Promoting Diversity in the Financial Wellbeing Industry

In 2023, the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board) continued to see notable growth and increased diversity among CFP® professionals. The total number of CFP® professionals reached an all-time high of 98,875, marking a 3.9% increase from 2022​.

The class of 2023 welcomed 6,089 new CFP® professionals, with more than 56% under the age of 35. This class was the most diverse in the CFP Board's history, featuring 1,692 women, who constituted 27.8% of the new professionals, and 858 racially and ethnically diverse individuals, representing 14% of the new certificants​.

The commitment to diversity by the CFP Board, supported by initiatives such as the LearnLux CFP® Exam Opportunity Scholarship, aims to better serve the financial wellbeing goals of employers and employees alike. This dedication is crucial for meeting the growing demand for financial planning services and ensuring access to highly credentialed and ethical financial planners​.


About The LearnLux CFP® Opportunity Scholarship

The LearnLux CFP® Exam Opportunity Scholarship is awarded annually and supports recipients to sit for the CFP® exam within 18 months. Recipients join a growing network of LearnLux financial planner professionals and fellow awardees who are making their mark in the financial wellbeing industry.

"We have taken it as our responsibility to create more belonging in the financial wellbeing industry,” says Rebecca Liebman, LearnLux CEO and Co-Founder. “This year we are excited to award two incredibly deserving winners as we continue to expand the scholarship’s reach. Scholarship applicants must demonstrate professional excellence, community impact, and a passion for promoting inclusion in the financial planning profession. This year’s winners exemplify these values and we applaud their mission.”

To celebrate this year’s scholarship winners, we sat down with Stephanie and Jasmine to learn about their professional backgrounds, aspirations, and what winning the scholarship means to them.  


Stephanie and Jasmine, congrats on being the 2024 LearnLux CFP® Exam Opportunity Scholarship recipients. Tell us a bit about yourselves, and your career so far.

Stephanie: “Residing in South Korea due to my husband’s military service, I find myself at the intersection of diverse roles—military spouse, mother of two young girls, and a first-generation female high school graduate and college graduate. This confluence of identities has equipped me with resilience and determination, propelling my pursuit of serving as my authentic self in financial planning. My journey into financial planning was catalyzed during my time as a financial counselor for U.S. service members living overseas. Immersed in the intricacies of financial management, I discovered an innate passion for guiding individuals through their financial landscapes. As a Filipina-American, I am cognizant of the underrepresentation of individuals from diverse backgrounds in the financial planning sphere, prompting me to champion inclusivity and representation within the profession.”

Jasmine: “I am a first-generation college graduate and business owner raised by a single mother who understands first-hand the impact access and education can have on one's outlook on life and its possibilities. As a licensed financial professional, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with thousands of people and assisting them with implementing strategies into their day-to-day lives that have set them up for a more prosperous future. My goal as a financial planner is to increase the accessibility of sound financial education to those who are typically underrepresented as well as encourage more minorities, specifically black women, to join the field of financial services. The work we do as financial planners impacts not only the individuals we are working with but their family units, communities, and ultimately society overall. The more people are empowered with their finances, I believe the more they feel empowered to show up for themselves and ultimately others.”


How will the LearnLux CFP® Opportunity Scholarship support you in your career endeavors?

Stephanie: “The pursuit of CFP certification transcends personal ambition; it signifies a commitment to community service and advocacy. With the knowledge and expertise garnered through certification, I aspire to extend financial planning services to individuals hailing from similar backgrounds, fostering economic empowerment and resilience within marginalized communities. However, the pursuit of CFP certification is not without its financial hurdles, particularly for someone situated overseas. The necessity of traveling to the United States to undertake the exam incurs significant expenses, amplifying the financial strain associated with exam preparation. Thus, this CFP Scholarship presents a pivotal opportunity to alleviate this burden, facilitating access to resources such as exam review courses and fees. With unwavering determination and a steadfast commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in the financial planning profession, I am ready to embark on this transformative journey. This scholarship not only represents financial assistance but also symbolizes a collective investment in the future of financial planning.”

Jasmine: “Winning the LearnLux CFP® Exam Scholarship would be an opportunity for me to continue leveling the playing field. The information provided to CFP® professionals is some that was typically only accessible to those working with high-net-worth individuals. I recently transitioned from my corporate financial consultant position into self-employment because I want to provide quality financial education to the masses. Information is more available than it’s ever been; however, many people don’t have the tools to decipher what’s applicable to them and how to apply what they’ve learned to their personal lives. As an independent financial planner, I am able to focus on expanding the scope of who receives quality financial literacy as well as the tools and strategies needed to continue helping families change the trajectory of their familial legacies. This exam scholarship alleviates some of the financial burden that comes with studying for and attaining the CFP® credentials. Becoming a CFP® professional will ultimately assist me with expanding my reach and the tools in my toolbelt needed to help others win with their finances.”

Congratulations, Stephanie and Jasmine! To learn more or apply for the LearnLux CFP® Opportunity Scholarship, visit https://info.learnlux.com/apply-for-the-learnlux-cfp-scholarship.

To learn more about the CFP® Board's certification process, visit: https://www.cfp.net/get-certified/certification-process

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