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by LearnLux on 2/26/21 2:15 PM

Leading experts in employee benefits team up for International Women's Day 2021 to support retention and re-entering initiatives for women in the workforce

The statistics are shocking; since the COVID-19 pandemic began, more than two million women have left the workforce.

by LearnLux on 2/18/21 4:02 PM

Is your team is financially well or suffering from financial stress? Use this assessment to find out.

Employees are losing ZZZs over their $$$s. Whether they’re burdened with personal debt, student loans, lack of retirement savings, or the rising cost of healthcare, their worries can manifest in many different ways.

employee benefits resources

by LearnLux on 2/12/21 4:58 PM

Ali Rodway, Director of People @ Caribou Coffee shares what "money" means to her | Liquid Assets

The concept of "money" means something different to each of us. Meet Ali Rodway, Director of People at Caribou coffee who shares her thoughts and feelings around personal finances with some serious energy. This is an interview you won't want to miss! 

liquid assets

by LearnLux on 2/12/21 1:04 PM

Jen Paxton, VP of People and Talent at Privy dishes about her dream retirement | Liquid Assets

It's 2021, and talking about money is still taboo for a lot of professionals. That's why we're uniting HR and benefits leaders for candid conversations around career and finances. Join us for our next chat with Jen Paxton, VP of People and Talent at Privy.

liquid assets

by LearnLux on 1/26/21 3:05 PM

City of Elizabeth City partners with LearnLux to create robust “Fund Your Future” Financial Wellbeing Initiative

The City of Elizabeth City, North Carolina and LearnLux today announced that they have formed a partnership to help improve the financial wellbeing of current City of Elizabeth City employees as well as retirees.

financial wellbeing for employers partners

by LearnLux on 1/22/21 12:54 PM

Six High-Impact Features of Workplace Financial Wellbeing Programs in 2021

Employees are your company’s most valuable asset. Are you doing enough to support their financial wellbeing?

product financial wellbeing for employers

by LearnLux on 1/19/21 1:41 PM

Why Certified Financial Planner™️ Sabrina Chose LearnLux for the Next Chapter of Her Career

We are proud to announce the newest expert to join the LearnLux Certified Financial Planner™️ team. Welcome Sabrina LaFleur, CFPⓇ!

financial advisors

by LearnLux on 1/15/21 6:07 PM

Financial Wellbeing Pricing: How do Modern Programs Make Money?

Across the workplace financial wellbeing space, there are a few common program pricing models. As an HR or Benefits professional, important to understand how each program makes money, how that contributes to their pricing, and what fees or up-sells you may incur. 

financial wellbeing for employers

by LearnLux on 1/8/21 12:23 PM

Key Themes in Financial Wellbeing for 2021

What should employers have on their radar when it comes to financial wellbeing in 2021? These are the top 4 themes that will impact workplace financial wellbeing the most this year.

financial wellbeing

by LearnLux on 1/6/21 12:55 PM

5 Impactful Benefits Every Consulting Firm Should Consider in 2021

For leading consulting firms, stellar employee benefits are nothing new. It has quickly become an industry standard to offer competitive compensation, comprehensive total rewards, and exciting opportunities for career advancement.

employee benefits

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