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Key insights from the and LearnLux State of Employee Financial Wellness Report

Financial stress is a leading cause of concern for employees, affecting their overall wellbeing and productivity. By understanding the sources of financial stress in the workplace, organizations can provide targeted initiatives that drive real results.

How SECURE 2.0 Impacts Employee Financial Wellbeing

Attention benefits professionals; big changes are coming to your employee retirement readiness and financial wellbeing strategies.

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How Financial Wellbeing Benefits Help Address the Global Gender Wealth Gap

The issue of the global gender wealth gap, or the inequitable accumulation of wealth between men and women, has been a longstanding problem throughout the world. While progress has been made in some areas, much work remains to ensure that all individuals, regardless of gender, have equal opportunities to achieve financial stability and accumulate wealth.

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How Plenty Aligns DEIB Initiatives With Workplace Financial Wellbeing

A conversation with Plenty's Senior Diversity Equity and Belonging Manager, Ashley Blackmon-Hynson.

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Aspiring Certified Financial Planner™ Adrienne Davis awarded this year’s LearnLux CFP® Opportunity Scholarship

Our team at LearnLux is proud to announce the winner of the 2022 LearnLux CFP® Opportunity Scholarship, Adrienne Davis. 


LearnLux raises $10M to bring trusted financial wellbeing to the global workforce

LearnLux, the leading workplace financial wellbeing company announced it has closed a $10M Series A round to democratize access to fiduciary financial planning for employees on a global scale. 

How Hospitality Employers Can Measure the ROI of Workplace Financial Wellbeing

When leading hospitality employers roll out new benefits, the question of ROI often comes up. It’s important that new benefits programs truly improve the lives of your employees, but also demonstrate real results on your company’s bottom line.

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Four Impactful Benefits to Support Your Hospitality Workforce This Year

Employee benefits are critical for workplace wellbeing. When it comes to choosing the right programs for your workforce, hospitality employers face a unique set of challenges.


How to Support Employee Financial Wellbeing Through An Economic Downturn

With inflation on the rise, a frenetic home-buying market, job insecurity, gas prices surging, volatility in stocks and bonds, the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies, and other financial pressures, your employees at all income levels may be experiencing heightened financial stress.

Feature Spotlight: Net Worth and Transaction Insights

To empower LearnLux members to have real-time transparency into their spending, saving, assets, and liabilities, we are excited to offer the net worth and transaction insights feature.

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