New Balance and Messer Honored with BenefitsPRO LUMINARIES Award

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We are thrilled to announce that LearnLux clients New Balance and Messer Construction Co are distinguished honorees of the 2023 BenefitsPRO LUMINARIES awards.

This is a recognition that celebrates individuals and organizations making a significant impact on the benefits industry. These honorees have demonstrated exceptional leadership and influence in areas that truly matter within the industry.

About the BenefitsPRO LUMINARIES awards

This year's BenefitsPRO LUMINARIES class of honorees comprises top-performing individuals and firms, carefully chosen by a panel of industry leaders known for their diversity of expertise. With input from their editorial team, BenefitsPRO's judges painstakingly selected professionals and companies that have made a substantial difference in the field.

BenefitsPRO LUMINARIES 2023 Winners

Glenn Haskell, New Balance

Category: Humanizing Benefits (Individual)

Glenn Haskell manages employee benefits-including health/welfare, retirement, PTO and associate programs. At New Balance, the Life Balance benefits program addresses wellbeing for all workers. In 2021, Haskell and the company's human resources team introduced a financial wellbeing benefit to encourage New Balance associates to learn essential money management skills and make savvy benefits choices. In the past, only high-net-worth individuals had access to financial planning resources. With the company's LearnLux program, all associates can now access financial planning services, regardless of their financial means. Meanwhile, other benefits focus on a specific segment of the employee population. For example, New Balance offers a benefit that provides $1,000 annually toward an associate's outstanding student loan, assisting early- and mid-career employees who might still be carrying student debt. At New Balance, financial wellness means every associate is free of financial stress and anxiety.


Messer Construction Co.

Category: Humanizing Benefits (Company)

As it approaches its centennial in 2032, Messer Construction remains focused on employee experience, and offering industry-leading benefits has been central to its success. One of Messer's core values, a Zero Injury culture, is a key driver behind its human resources team's emphasis on holistic wellbeing for employees. The company recently added a trusted financial wellbeing program to its benefits stack by partnering with LearnLux, whose Certified Financial Planner professionals speak directly with employees and answer complex and personal financial questions. Within one year of rolling out the program, Messer reports employee engagement in the LearnLux program has significantly outpaced the company's previous financial wellness program. More than 23% of employees created accounts, attended a webinar, or participated in a 30-day challenge, with many completing multiple activities. Additionally, Messer officials say the program helps employees understand the value of their benefits, reduces financial stress and leads to a safer and more productive workplace.

BenefitsPRO LUMINARIES awards selection process

The selection process was rigorous, with a focus on several key factors:

  1. Impact: Each nominee's influence on their organization, its employees, and the wider professional community and industry was a pivotal consideration.

  2. Achievement: Honorees were chosen based on their proven ability to set and attain goals, as well as their aptitude for innovative problem-solving and creative thinking.

  3. Commitment to Development: The dedication of these individuals and firms to advancing the growth of benefits professionals and the industry as a whole was a standout characteristic.

  4. Ethical Excellence: An unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards, service, and excellence was a non-negotiable criterion.

Delve deeper into the inspiring stories and accomplishments of these remarkable honorees in the upcoming October issue of BenefitsPRO magazine. You can also follow BenefitsPRO online and social media channels for more in-depth coverage.

The BenefitsPRO LUMINARIES honorees serve as shining examples of the profound impact that both organizations and individuals can have within the dynamic and ever-evolving realms of benefits and healthcare. Their efforts and achievements are not only informative but also a source of inspiration for all those involved in the industry.

Congratulations to New Balance and Messer!

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