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"While I didn't certainly didn't know everything, I absolutely felt comfortable with learning what I didn't know."


Tiki's financial empowerment journey began in college where, will working towards an economics major, a keen interest in personal finance was sparked.

Now, Tiki stands at the forefront of financial wellbeing, bridging the gap between complex financial concepts and everyday understanding. Her partnership with LearnLux has empowered her to not only deepen her own knowledge, but also to share it effectively with her community.

For HR and benefits professionals, Tiki's story serves as a testament to the power of providing employees with education and guidance in navigating the intricacies of personal finance. Join us as we explore Tiki's journey and the valuable LearnLux lessons she's navigated along the way.



"My major in college was economics. So, I kind of already had a leaning towards finance. And while I didn't certainly didn't know everything, I absolutely felt comfortable with learning what I didn't know.

I remember in college, I was tracking stocks before we were able to just see it on TV all the time. I was literally getting the newspapers that would print the stock reports, and I was tracking those for assignments that I have for school. Or I was reading over financial statements, or learning about the different statements that have to be filed if you're a publicly traded company.

So I just always had that interest in it, and it wasn't just personal finance that interested me. I was interested in macroeconomics too - the way the world worked when it came to economics just interested me.  I would often be around people who were intimidated by personal finance - the idea of doing [their] own taxes just really scared them. I was one that [would say] "Hey, I'll learn that. Let me figure that out." 

It's never been something that's been foreign to me or I've been afraid of it. And I'm always willing to learn new. Which is why when our company partnered with LearnLux, I was like, "Oh, wow, this is great!" A lot of this stuff that I already know, I can get even deeper in the weeds on it.

I can also use it to communicate with my friends and family who want to know enough about finance to get by. The way I sometimes will bring it to them is a little bit too much. So I found what LearnLux does, is it kind of brings it down a little bit to a little more digestible level for people. So it helps me to then use the tools that LearnLux has in order to communicate to my friends and family who might be interested, but they don't want to sit down and, you know, do a whole course on it. 

I know this will sound strange, but [LearnLux] has centered me financially. So often we will say, "oh, I need to get to that. Oh, I need to do this eventually." And you keep putting it off, and putting it off, and what LearnLux has done is keep that stuff in the forefront of my mind. Like, "you need to update your will, you need to look at estate planning." Estate planning is not just for the super wealthy! Everyone should really look into doing it.

It also helps you with planning. At the same time, I can be flexible. Just because I've planned out a certain thing doesn't necessarily mean that we have to stick to it. And all of a sudden, everything's going to fall apart. And what LearnLux has done, is it gives you the knowledge, the tools, the breathing room to even make a mistake. Because if you make a small mistake financially, you can certainly recover from it.

And LearnLux helps guide me into the knowledge I already have. It helps me to center everything down and realize that I can use these tools in order to figure out what I'm trying to do. As we know, life can be unexpected. Everything's not going to go the way you plan. LearnLux will help guide you when doing your own estate planning, [but] that doesn't necessarily mean everything's going to go the way that you laid it out.

You may have someone who is in the middle of working on their will, and they get ill. When you're looking at those tools and you think about that, it's like,"well, that's why you want to make sure you have a power of attorney, and make sure that you're communicating that information out."

Like I mentioned earlier, [LearnLux] gives me a way to effectively communicate with my own personal community, my family, my friends, my coworkers, and anyone who's interested. It's it takes the knowledge I have and really compliments it and helps me to communicate it to others as well as enhance my own personal finances. 

So, thank you. And thank you to all the wonderful presenters and educators with LearnLux for bringing their knowledge and sharing it with us."



Thank you to Tiki for sharing her story!

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