Your Financial Literacy Month Workplace Resource Guide

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National Financial Literacy month is recognized each year in April. It's a great time to share money tips & spotlight programs that improve employee financial wellbeing.

Looking for helpful content you can pass along to your team? Here's a roundup of resources created by our financial experts.

For this year's updated Financial Literacy Month Guide, click here.


30-Day Financial Wellbeing Challenge Case Study

Ready to help employees get their money right? The 30-Day challenge is hosted by LearnLux each April and includes 30 days of financial wellbeing tips, tools and challenges for employees of all income and asset levels. Explore outcomes from the 30-Day challenge here.


About Financial Literacy Month:

In the month of April, groups across the country conduct a variety of events and initiatives designed to improve financial literacy and promote financial wellbeing for all employees and consumers.

Financial Literacy Month originally evolved from Youth Financial Literacy Day, introduced by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) two decades ago as an activity of its High School Financial Planning Program.

April is sometimes referred to as National Financial Capability Month. Whatever it's called, the effort to raise awareness about the importance of financial wellbeing and the need for effective financial education is a cooperative mission and a shared goal.

LearnLux encourages you to support the Financial Literacy Month events and initiatives in your own workplace.

This can be achieved by:

  1. Sharing helpful financial tools, information &resources
  2. Providing access to Certified Financial Planner™ professionals
  3. Launching new financial wellbeing programs
  4. Reminding employees about the financial wellbeing benefits they currently have


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