Support Your Hard-Working Airline Employees with Financial Wellbeing as a Benefit

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Most employers in the airline industry today offer generous, comprehensive employee benefit programs. However, many are still missing a must-have, most-asked-for benefit; Financial wellbeing.

It's no secret that we are living in financially stressful times, and this pressure takes a toll on airline employees every day.

As you explore options for offering financial wellbeing at your company, you'll learn that not all financial wellbeing programs are created equal. Every workforce has different needs that they must consider when selecting a solution that can best support their employees. Airline employees have vastly different needs, and their benefits should reflect that.

Here are a few key considerations to keep in mind when choosing a financial wellbeing solution for your company, and how LearnLux can help you meet all of your employees where they are.


Stress leads to workplace accidents.

Financial stress is the #1 cause of stress in the workplace, which leads to issues such as physical and mental symptoms which can cause employees to be distracted at work. For airline employees, this can lead to safety issues if their mind isn’t fully present. 

“We believe that financial wellness is a key aspect of overall wellbeing,” says Theresa Cappel, HR Director. “If employees are distracted by things like financial stress, that’s a recipe for getting injured on the job.”

Offering a holistic financial wellbeing program that helps employees address all of their financial concerns can significantly reduce financial stress and lead to increased safety both on and off the clock.


Irregular shifts demand program flexibility.

Working for an airline often involves shifts with a very early-morning start or a late-night finish. Because flights are leaving and arriving at all hours, 365 days per year, your front-line workforce may work weekends and holidays. For team members who are not working a traditional nine-to-five job, and the benefits available to them need to reflect that.

When it comes to financial wellbeing, look for a program that equips employees with 24/7 access to mobile and desktop-friendly digital tools that can help them build a financial plan. Providing employees with access to experts who are true fiduciaries, such as Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, is also key. Make sure that advisors have morning, evening, and weekend availability to accommodate employees' schedules.

Pro-tip: LearnLux financial planners are available via chat, email, phone and video call with extended hours.


Diverse workforces need a benefit that will meet them where they are.

When looking at new benefits, it’s critical to look at your employee demographics. Your flying and non-flying staff will have very different needs when it comes to managing their money. Even within the latter group, your check-in or baggage crew and those working in management or administration will have unique financial situations. Younger employees early on in their careers will also have different needs than those approaching retirement or preparing to send their children to college.

If you have a diverse workforce, look for a holistic financial wellbeing program that can support employees at all stages of life. LearnLux can help employees with everything from the basics of budgeting and building emergency savings to estate planning, saving for retirement and understanding 529 plans. Plus, we can help your employees understand any other amazing benefits that you offer through custom benefits content which drives participation in 401ks, HSAs, FSAs, profit sharing programs, and more.


Custom communication is key.

Communicating new benefits likely isn’t as simple as sending out a mass email or posting an announcement on an intranet page for your dispersed workforce. Perhaps many of your employees don’t even have company email addresses.

Your financial wellbeing program provider must offer a robust communication toolkit and support that can reach all of your employees. Instead of email templates, consider communicating with text messages or sharing talking points with managers to share information by word of mouth. Are you regionally based? If so, consider sharing a press release and have the news of your new program shared on local media outlets. LearnLux works closely with all of our employer partners to build a comprehensive communication plan that drives best-in-class engagement.

Pro-Tip: LearnLux's employee communication experts act as an extension of your benefits team. For airline partners, we have created custom postcards, intranet banners, dedicated mailers, and more.


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